Use the Autonaming tool to make navigation a breeze 💨 by labeling each sheet with its number and name. 

To get started, create a project in STACK and upload a set of plans. Once your plans are ready follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Plans page in your upper navigation. Open a plan by clicking on the thumbnail or its name in the plans tree.

2. Click on the gear icon next to 'Plan Name' and select 'Autoname'

3a. Zoom into the sheet number (e.g., 'G1.01') in the plan title area. It's usually in the lower-right corner of the plan.
3b. Click 'Draw'

3c. Draw a rectangle around the sheet number by A) clicking once at the upper left, B) dragging down to the lower right, and C) double-clicking to finish.

(If the sheet number is not displayed from left to right—e.g., if the sheet number reads from top to bottom—correct the 'Text Alignment' section)

4. Click 'Start' to begin the autonaming process. It may take a couple of minutes, but you don't have to wait. You can continue working while it's processing.

Once finished, you'll have sheet numbers in your plans tree and also in your thumbnail view.

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