At the STACK sign in page you can access your existing projects from a list view and create a New Project by clicking on the New Project box.  You can also Search your projects from this view

To upload the new project into STACK, please enter the project name, select the bid date, and click Create and Launch (you can also fill out additional information for the project by clicking on "Show more option" )

You can also select your Calendar view by clicking Calendar at the top left.  Accessing your calendar will give you the option to create a New Project or add and Event to the calendar

Once you have chosen to Create and Launch, select the plans on your computer by clicking Choose a Local File.  Once the file is selected, please click the Done button.
You can upload these type of plan files for takeoff:

  • PDF

  • ZIP (We will extract all files and folders from the ZIP and recreate them in your project!)

  • JPG

The project will start to process.  Depending on the file size and internet speed, this can as little as a few seconds or as long as several minutes.

You can also upload using the tools on the left provided by some of our partners, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.

If you need to add additional plans to a project, click Upload and repeat the process.

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