How to rotate your plan sheets

Plans can be rotated using multiple methods. Only blank plans can be rotated so if the plan has any takeoffs or markups, they would need to be deleted to be able to rotate the page

From the overview tab, thumbnail view

  1. Select the plan sheets you want to rotate by adding a checkmark to the upper left corner of each thumbnail

  2. Click “Right” to rotate clockwise or “Left” to rotate counterclockwise from the right toolbar

*To select all the plan sheets you can use the HotKeys "Ctrl + A" on a PC or "Cmd + A" on a Mac. To select a range of Plan sheets select the first plan sheet and press and hold the "Shift" key and select the last Plan sheet and the first and last and every plan sheet in between will be selected.

From the document list view, in the left panel

  1. Clicking the ellipse (3 dots) next to the plan page name and select “Rotate Page”

  2. A dropdown field will appear at the top of the list view where you can choose how you would like to rotate the sheet

  3. Click the green checkmark to apply the changes

*The same process applies to folders. All plan pages under the same folder will be rotated according to your selection.

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