Bookmarks allow the placing of an icon, which will zoom to a specified area of another plan.  Its a great way of creating a short-cut to notes or section views.  Start by zooming in to the location of the plan you want to zoom to.  Click Bookmarks and Add Bookmark.

Type in the name for the Bookmark and click Submit.

Zoom to the plan page where you would like the Bookmark.  Click Bookmarks and Place Bookmark.  Choose the Bookmark from the drop-down list and click Select Bookmark. 

Move to the desired area of the screen and click with the mouse to Place the Bookmark.  

When the icon is clicked,  the system will zoom to the desired area. 

TIP:  The first 4 letters of the Bookmark name will appear on the icon . 

TIP #2:  To delete a Bookmark, use multi-select to draw a rectangle around the Bookmark, and press Delete on your keyboard (or use the trash can icon located in the edit menu). 

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