To create a new takeoff, start by knowing your measurement type! STACK has nine different measurement types to choose from Area, Linear, Count, Linear with Drop, Pitched Area, Pitched Linear, Surface Area, Volume 2D and Volume 3D.

Choosing the right measurement type is the first step in getting your material numbers from STACK. You can use the chart below to see examples of what to measure with each measurement type as well as the measurement’s primary output. Some measurements even have secondary outputs that can be used to provide additional information in reports or run extra calculations when using assemblies!

Takeoff Type



Formula Variables

Change Takeoff Type


a floor, ceiling, or elevation view of a building

Square Footage, Linear Footage of the measured area’s perimeter


Area Type


baseboard, wire, or PVC

Linear Footage


Linear Type


outlets, fire alarms, or doors



Count Type

Linear with Drop

electric wire that drops down 6 feet to an outlet

Linear Footage, Count, Linear Footage of the measured distance including drops


Linear with Drop Type

Pitched Area

a sloped roof from an aerial view

Square Footage, Square Footage of the flat area

[MeauredPitchedArea] [MeasuredPitchedLinear][MeasuredArea] [MeasuredLinear][MeasuredCount]

Area Type

Pitched Linear

a Hip on a sloped roof from an aerial view

Linear Footage, Linear Footage of the flat area


Linear Type

Surface Area

a painted wall, wallpaper, or drywall.

Square Footage, Linear footage of the measured distance

[MeasuredSurfaceArea][MeasuredLinear] [MeasuredCount]

Linear Type

Volume 2D

a concrete slab or parking lot

Cubic Yardage, Square Footage of the Flat Area, Linear Footage including width height and perimeter of the area

[MeasuredVolume2D] [Measured Area][MeasuredLinear] [MeasuredCount]

Area Type

Volume 3D

A concrete footer or wall

Cubic Yardage, Linear Footage including width height and perimeter of the area

[MeasuredVolume3D] [MeasuredLinear] [MeasuredCount]

Linear Type

Choose the wrong measurement type? Using Change Takeoff you can quickly change your takeoff to another measurement of the same type (Area, Linear, Count or Linear with Drop).

TIP #1:  Most measurement types will yield a primary and secondary measurement(s). For example, an area measurement will yield the square footage and also the linear of the perimeter.  Volume 3D will yield the cubic yardage, square footage, and linear of the perimeter.

TIP #2: When measuring a roof you must use an aerial (floorplan) view rather than an elevation view.

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