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How to Use Text and Keyword Search
How to Use Text and Keyword Search
How to quickly search plans and find relevant sheets and details.
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Using the search box, located under the Plans tab, users can enter keywords to easily search an entire plan set.

Use text or keyword search

  1. Within a project, upload your plan sheets to be processed and scanned

  2. Once the scanning is complete, which can be confirmed by the progress spinner, your plans are searchable

  3. Using the search box under “Find Pages” you can search by sheet title or keywords. When searching for a specific text or title within a plan sheet, make sure to use " " before and after the word or title (e.g. "roof", "A", "footer") to eliminate the inclusion of any extensions of the text.

  4. The search results will show in separate columns. One column for “Title Search Results” and another for “Content Search Results”.

  5. Click on the plan name to see the green, highlighted results on the sheet

  6. You can use your search results to further organize your plan sheets (e.g. drag and drop sheets into their respective folders, using your current folder structure)

  7. Click “Exit Search” to return to the Overview tab to view all the thumbnail plan images

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