STACK offers plan management so you can set up your project to meet your specific needs.  Folders can be created, and thumbnail image(s) of the plans can be dragged into the folder(s).  Also, a folder can be dragged to automatically create a subfolder, or moved to a top-level position. 

There are a number of scenarios this can be helpful.   Let's review the most common ones.

Examples for moving plans:

Creating a folder for each Industry is a great way to organize a project.  Create a folder by clicking the edit pencil to the right of the plans folder, and choose Create new folder here.  

Use the edit pencil to continue creating folders and sub-folder.  In this scenario, we created a folder for each industry for the project.  

Another example is creating a folder for Addenda.  

Or you may want to organize only the files you will be doing takeoffs on.

Drag and Drop:

No matter which scenario you choose, the workflow is the same.  First, start by creating the folder(s) you would like to add plans into.  Next, select (or multi select) the thumbnail images of the plans by putting checkmarks in the upper left of each thumbnail.

While the thumbnails are selected, hold down with the mouse button and drag the thumbnails into the Quick Access Button or the Folder.   This will place the plans into the folder, and update the Overview tab. 

It also possible to drag and drop from within the plans tree.  Hold the mouse over a plan and drag it up or down to a folder.   This method allows for moving one plan at a time. 

Tip #1: Use the hotkey CTRL + A (or Command A on a Mac) to select all of the thumbnails.

Tip #2:  Use the hotkey ESC to de-select all the thumbnail images. 

Examples for moving Folders:

A folder can be dragged and dropped onto another folder to make it a subfolder.   In this example, I drag the Addenda folder:

into the plans folder, and it becomes a subfolder.  

To move the Addenda folder back to the original location, drag the folder to the "Move to top level" area at the bottom of the plans tree.

You will now see the Addenda folder in its original location.  

It's also possible to drag a folder from the Overview tab by grabbing the 6 dots icon and dragging it over to the plans tree. 

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