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How to Add Project Notes
How to Add Project Notes
Quickly document information pertaining to the project
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STACK offers a notes section on the project calendar for leaving notes regarding the project.  Here are some examples notes:

  1. The General Contractors contact information

  2. The Architects contact information

  3. Job site information

  4. Project status

You can enter notes while creating the project.

By clicking on the Show more options you can Assign the project to and estimator. You can also set your Bid Status and enter an Address for the project.

To add to or update a note after a project has been created, click the edit pencil to the right of the project name on the bid calendar.

When you are finished with your changes, click the Update button at the bottom of the screen.

Tip #1:  Put the date after each note to create a timeline.

Tip #2: Put the estimators initials after each note to show who is working on what area of the project

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