With a Procore “Project Management” subscription you can easily integrate your Drawings, Specifications, and Documents to your STACK bid calendar. This integration will let you sync your Procore projects to your STACK account easily and can be accomplished in a few simple steps

To connect your Procore and STACK accounts

  1. In STACK, go to your account settings by clicking the Settings dropdown in the upper right corner of your screen

  2. Select “App Integrations”, and then select the “Connect” to the right of the Procore logo

  3. You will be routed to the Procore sign-in screen, where you will need to enter your credentials and log into your Procore admin account.

  4. You will be directed back to your STACK account where your Procore plans will automatically sync.

*Users cannot edit plan page names manually or using autoname

** Only a Procore admin account can connect Procore and STACK accounts

To disconnect your Procore and STACK accounts

  1. Log-in to Procore

  2. Click on My Profile Settings from the upper-right dropdown

  3. Click on My Connected Apps

  4. Click Revoke next to the STACK app

  5. Once revoked, the STACK sync will terminate.

To change which Procore account is connected with STACK

  1. Disconnect your STACK account from Procore

  2. Refresh your browser page, the 'Refresh' button on the Procore tile will change to a 'Connect' button when your STACK account is ready to link again*

  3. Connect the desired Procore admin account to STACK

*It may take up to two hours for Procore and STACK to fully disconnect


If I revoke access to STACK within Procore what happens to the projects that have already synced?

STACK will not delete any of your projects that have already synced. They will stay in your STACK account even if you reconnect to a new Procore account. When you connect with a new Procore account the new account project’s will be added to your STACK account and will stay synced. Although projects from the disconnected Procore account will remain in your STACK account they will no longer receive updates from Procore.

If you need additional assistance, please contact us.

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