Overview of markup options on the toolbar

The toolbar appears automatically when you have a plan sheet open in the canvas view.

Select the markup tool to be presented with the following options:

  1. Highlight: allows you to highlight content in the plan by drawing a colorful box around it. The highlight color can be customized.

  2. Cloud: allows you to create a cloud outline, in any color, on the plan sheet.

  3. Call: allows you to add a text bubble to your plan details to draw attention to a specific item. The bubble color and font size can be changed.

  4. Dimension Line: allows you to add a visual reference of a linear distance.

  5. Text Box: allows you to add a simple text box for notes, anywhere on the plan sheet. Font size and color can be customized.

  6. Legend - allows you to place a color-coded takeoff legend anywhere on the plan sheet by drawing a rectangular shape on the plan. The plan legend will show the main measurement type for all takeoffs on that particular page, but you can toggle the visibility of your quantities.

*Edit your markups by selecting them using the “Edit” tool. *

How to Hide Markups on a Plan

Markups, including Automatic Hyperlinks, can be turned off so the plan can be printed without showing sensitive information.

  1. To hide markups, first, click the layers icon at the top right of the sheet viewing window .

  2. Click the "Hide Markup" button.

*To print the plan with the markups turned off, choose Print Current View after selecting Print from the toolbar

This will turn off the visibility for all:

  • Highlights

  • Clouds

  • Call Outs

  • Dimension Lines

  • Text Boxes

  • Legend

  • Automatic Plan Hyperlinks

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