STACK provides a very robust measuring experience, but you may encounter situations where you do not have access to blueprints to measure. This article will guide you through these scenarios.

* STACK does not recommend using hand-drawn plans as they are not drawn to scale. We recommend using a third-party application or grid paper to draw your plan.

Create an Estimate and Proposal without plans

Add your takeoffs or items to the non-measured cost list and provide the estimated quantity, waste factor, unit cost and markup for each.

Create a blueprint using graph paper

Set the scale to the desired size using one edge of a square as your calibrated length:

  • 1 square = 1 square foot

  • 1 square = 5 square feet, etc

In case you don't have grid paper handy, feel free to download a copy here.

Measure from an uploaded image or picture

Once you upload your images to the project, simply calibrate the scale using a known distance listed on the image. Keep in mind that you may want to compensate for any distortions due to:

  • Camera angle

  • Wrinkles on the plan page

  • Low image quality

Draw takeoffs on a blank PDF

Once you upload a blank PDF to the project, you can create a takeoff and draw measurements to register your desired takeoff total. From there, you can build your estimate and proposal using STACK items and assemblies.

In case you don't have a blank PDF handy, feel free to download a copy here.

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