STACK currently offers two assemblies under Division 04. The brick assembly contains a large selection of brick types, and the block wall contains several choices for CMU block size.

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Table of contents

  1. 04 Masonry

    1. Brick – Area & Surface Area

    2. CMU Wall - Linear

04 Masonry

Brick – Area & Surface Area

Summary: This assembly is designed for either an Area or a Surface Area takeoff.


There are no variables in this assembly.

Required Items:

These items will be automatically added to your takeoff.

  • Weep Holes – yields number of pieces based on total area.

  • Mortar – calculates the number of 80 lb. Bags.

  • Brick Labor – by the square foot.

Item Groups:

This group contains a selection of items to choose if needed.

  • · Choose Brick – a wide assortment of brick types by the thousand.

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CMU Wall - Linear

Summary: This assembly is designed for a linear takeoff.


  • Wall Height In Feet - all items in this assembly use this variable.

  • Control Joint Spacing In Feet – only required if choosing the control joint item.

  • Vertical Rebar Spacing In Inches - used to calculate both rebar and grout.

  • Rebar Count Per Cell – used to calculate rebar.

Required Items:

  • CMU Labor – by the block.

  • Rebar – yields linear feet and calculated using takeoff length, rebar spacing, wall height and rebar count variables.

  • Masonry Grout – in cubic feet.

Item Groups:

These groups contain a selection of items to choose if needed.

  • Choose Block – an assortment of CMU block sizes all 8”x16”.

  • Control Joint – in linear feet, relies on the control join spacing variable.

  • Mesh Reinforcing – horizontal reinforcing in total linear feet.

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