Calculating an estimate is a math intensive process. STACK does the time consuming math for you, which reduces errors and increases accuracy. If you are curious, this article illustrates the formulas used for calculations on the Estimate worksheet.

General Definitions

Adjusted Quantity = Quantity + Waste Amount

Extended Cost = Adjusted Quantity * Unit Cost

Total Markup Amount = Extended Cost * Total Markup Percentage

Overhead Markup = Extended Cost * Overhead Markup Percentage

Additional Markup = (Extended Cost + Line Item Markup Amount + Overhead Markup Amount) * Additional Markup Percentage

Total Markup = Line Item Markup + Overhead Markup + Additional Markup

Line Item Markup Amount = Extended Cost * Line Item Markup Percentage

Selling Price = Extended Cost + Total Markup

Tax Amount = Selling Price * Tax Percentage

Selling Price with Tax = Selling Price + Tax Amount

Gross Margin Percentage = Total Markup / Selling Price

Net Profit Amount = Selling Price - Extended Cost - Overhead Markup

Net Profit Percentage = Net Profit Amount / Selling Price

Summary by Key Unit

Selling Price per [Key Unit] = Selling Price / Project Size

Net Profit per [Key Unit] = Net Profit amount / Project Size

Detail by Key Unit

Extended Cost = Extended Cost by Type / Project Size

Total Markup = Total Markup by Type / Project Size

Selling Price = Selling Price by Type / Project Size

Net Profit = Net Profit by Type / Project Size

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