STACK offers the ability to export all of your custom item information, along with the folder paths, to a CSV file. This allows you to review all items in a single view and easily make mass updates if needed.

NOTE: Items can only be exported from your item library (My Items). They CANNOT be exported from STACK-provided catalogs (Quick Start Items, STACK Items, or BNi items).

Export Your Custom Items

  1. Click Items on the main navigation toolbar.

  2. Click the ellipse (three dots) to the right of My Items.

  3. Select Export Items. The exported CSV file will be saved to your downloads folder. You can open and edit the file in Excel, Apple Numbers or Google Sheets.

The file you receive will include theses fields:*

  • Item Description

  • Purchase Unit

  • Unit of Measure

  • Coverage Rate Purchase

  • Coverage Rate Measured

  • Folder Level

  • Cost Type

  • Unit Cost

  • Accounting Code

*Some fields are optional when creating an item - if no info was entered, it will be blank on the export file.

Using Your Export File to Update Items

The export file you receive is our Item Import Template populated with all of your item information. If you have mass pricing changes or other updates to a large number of your items, you can edit the information on the template and contact your Customer Success Manager to bulk import the changes back to STACK.*

Find out more about editing the information on your Item Import Template and bulk importing item updates here.

*If you don't have a large list of items to update, it is best to manually update items individually in STACK. See Create and Edit Custom Items for instructions on how to edit an item.

If you need additional assistance, please contact us.

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