Pre-built takeoffs make it quick and easy to start the takeoff and estimating process.

Instead of manually creating a takeoff and individually adding items and assemblies for each project, you simply add a pre-built takeoff to your project and start your measurements and counts.

Pre-built takeoffs already have the measurement type assigned and items and assemblies added. This saves time and helps prevent errors that can occur with manual entry. Plus, you get a jump start on your estimates since items and assemblies are included.

You’re also still able to customize your takeoff – once you add a pre-built takeoff to your project, you can add, edit and remove items and assemblies as needed.

Pre-built takeoffs can be found in the Takeoff Library:

  • My Library - Pre-built takeoffs you or someone in your company created.

    When you create a takeoff, you can add it to the library for use on future projects. This allows you create and reuse custom takeoffs that meet your specific project requirements.

  • STACK - Sample pre-built takeoffs.

    STACK provides a variety of pre-built takeoff samples for various trades to get you started. If you are new to STACK or new to adding items and assemblies to your takeoffs, these are great tools to help you through the takeoff process and allow you to see the detail that is possible on your estimates when you use items and assemblies.

  • Pre-built Catalog Takeoffs - Pre-built takeoffs connected to catalog subscriptions.

    If you subscribe to any item and assembly catalogs that have associated pre-built takeoffs, you will have access to those as well.

See below for instructions to:

Add a Takeoff to My Library

After you’ve created a takeoff:

  1. Click the ellipsis (3 dots) next to the takeoff name.

  2. Select + Library.

This saves the takeoff in My Library (on the Library tab) for use on future projects.

Add a Pre-built Takeoff to a Project

image - how to add a template to a takeoff
  1. Go to TAKEOFFS.

  2. Click the Library tab.

  3. Click the + icon next to the takeoff(s) you want to add.
    You can add as many takeoffs to the project as you need.

    Takeoffs can be added from any or all sections of the Library.

    Once you’ve added the takeoff(s):

  4. Go to the Project tab.

  5. Click on a takeoff.*

  6. Click the Start Measuring button and start your measurements as usual.

    Remember to set the scale if needed.

* Before proceeding to step 6, if you want to make changes to existing items/assemblies or add more, you can scroll down to Items and Assemblies on the left panel and make the desired changes. If needed, refer to Add, Edit, or Remove an Assembly on a Takeoff or Add or Remove Items from a Takeoff for more information.

TIP: If you used a STACK pre-built takeoff or other pre-built takeoffs that was not in My Library, you can follow the instructions above to create a new template that will be available in My Library for future use and customization.

Next Steps

After you have added a pre-built takeoff to your project, the next step is to create the measurements/counts to complete the takeoff. You can also add more items and assemblies if needed before reviewing reports and creating estimates.

If you need additional assistance, please contact us.

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