We know materials and scope of work are unique to your business, that's why we make it easy to work with items and assemblies in STACK! Watch to learn how you can create, organize and locate the items you create in estimates and proposals!



Items expand your takeoffs to represent various project costs, such as material, labor, equipment, and subcontracting. To learn more about items:

Item Quick Videos

Watch these videos to gain a better understanding of using items in STACK!

How to Add a STACK Item to Your Takeoff

How to Create a Custom Item


Assemblies are a great way to combine commonly-used items together into one package, ensuring you have everything you need to represent the takeoff. To learn more about assemblies:

Assembly Quick Videos

Watch these videos to gain a better understanding of building and using custom assemblies to improve your estimating with STACK!

Introduction to Assemblies

Using STACK Assemblies

How to Build an Assembly in STACK


Here's an overview of STACK's estimating options:

Estimate Quick Videos

Introduction to Estimating with STACK


Learn how to determine a selling price for your project and create a professional-looking proposal using an estimate in STACK:

Proposal Quick Videos

Introduction to Proposals

Trade-Specific Resources

Our trade catalogs provide a variety of already built items and assemblies to help speed up your estimating process:

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